RedVector GO

Accessibility is key for professionals who are not able to escape the job site or plant floor. With RedVector GO they can pick out the relevant training clips explaining the task or equipment that lies in front of them. Whether it's to reference safety precautions or re-educate themselves on a piece of equipment, they can find what they need in the palm of their hand with out having to retreat back to a desk, search through courses, or thumb through a manual.

Accessing RedVector GO

  • Download the RedVector GO app
    - For iPhone or iPad, download on the App Store
    - For Android, download on the Google Play Store
  • Logging into RedVector GO requires a valid enterprise user account or an AEC Pro Subscription
  • Login to RedVector GO using your RedVector credentials. 
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  • Start exploring thousands of clips

Save Time and Increase Retention with Convenient Access to Micro Clips

  • Bookmark your favorite clips for quick recovery of important information
  • No laptop? No problem. Easily access RedVector GO from your mobile device
  • Invest in the training and development of your personnel
  • Reach employees on the device they use most often, their phones

Education in an Instant

With the rapid pace of technology propelling the rate at which codes and standards change, RedVector GO is the perfect tool to quickly and easily find and reference the latest codes and regulations for any project, at any time, from anywhere. Find it faster by bookmarking your favorite material for future reference in the RedVector GO app.

See RedVector GO in Action