Our Products, from Concept to Completion

For more than two decades, RedVector has worked to perfect its eLearning products and content. Today, we partner with world-class professionals and adept storytellers to create online courses that engage, educate and challenge our learners.


We work with our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and accomplished Authors to create course content that’s up-to-date with the latest industry standards and practices.


Instructional Designers work with SMEs to prepare and organize content for course development.


Next, the course is developed in one of the following formats - Video, Audio-driven, Text-based, Webinar/Webcast.

Review And Launch

Our courses are submitted to state and national licensing boards and professional organizations for accreditation (when required). Once accredited, they are loaded to our Learning Management System.


Throughout our content lifecycle process, we work to ensure content stays relevant by monitoring course ratings, reviews and statistics.

RedVector Training Products:

  • Average 4-star course rating (out of 5)
  • Courses are written and reviewed by 200+ top industry experts
  • 100+ accreditations from state and national agencies
  • 200,000+ users, and counting